New release of MOA 11.5

We’ve made a new release of MOA 11.5.

The new features of this release are:


  •  new classification methods for text and sparse data: NaiveBayesMultinomial, SGD Stochastic Gradient Descent, and SPegasos.
  •  new classification methods: LimAttClassifier, LimAttHoeffdingTree, LimAttHoeffdingTreeNB, LimAttHoeffdingTreeNBAdaptive, Perceptron. 
  •  new chunk classification and evaluation methods: EvaluateInterleavedChunks, AccuracyUpdatedEnsemble, AccuracyWeightedEnsemble.
  •  new regression evaluation methods. Now it is possible to run regression experiments on MOA.
  •  a reader of arff files for clustering
  •  multi-label stream generators
  •  new simplified memory management


You find the download link for this release on the MOA homepage:

Please note that the documentation has also been updated. 


The MOA Team