Using the GUI

Start a graphical user interface for configuring and running tasks with the command:

java -cp moa.jar -javaagent:sizeofag.jar moa.gui.GUI

Click ’Configure’ to set up a task, when ready click to launch a task click
’Run’. Several tasks can be run concurrently. Click on different tasks in the
list and control them using the buttons below. If textual output of a task
is available it will be displayed in the bottom half of the GUI, and can be
saved to disk.

Note that the command line text box displayed at the top of the window
represents textual commands that can be used to run tasks on the command
line as described in the previous section. The text can be selected then copied
onto the clipboard. In the bottom of the GUI there is a graphical display of the
results. It is possible to compare the results of two different tasks: the current
task is displayed in red, and the selected previously is in blue.

Command Line



Using Weka