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MOA Release 2016.04
MOA Release 2015.11
MOA Release 2014.11*
MOA Release 2014.04
MOA Release 2013.11
MOA Release 2013.08
MOA Release 2012.08
MOA Release 2012.03
MOA Release 2011.10

Maven Integration

You can use MOA in your maven project, adding the following dependency in your pom.xml file:

  <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>moa</artifactId>  <version>2013.11</version> </dependency>


NEW Tutorial 5: Simulating Concept Drift in MOA
Tutorial 1: Introduction to MOA
Tutorial 2: Introduction to the API of MOA
Tutorial 3: Introduction to MOA Clustering
Tutorial 4: Introduction to ADAMS and MOA


MOA Data Stream Mining [pdf]

MOA Manual [pdf]