New Release of MOA 16.04

We’ve made a new release of MOA 16.04.

The new features of this release are:

  • BICO: BIRCH Meets Coresets for k-Means Clustering.
    • Hendrik Fichtenberger, Marc Gillé, Melanie Schmidt,
      Chris Schwiegelshohn, Christian Sohler: ESA 2013: 481-492 (2013)
  • Updates:
    • MultiLabel and MultiTarget methods

There are these important changes after MOA 2015.11 release:

  • Use Examples instead of Instances to be able to deal easily with unstructured data
  • Use Apache Samoa instances instead of WEKA instances
  • Use the javacliparser library

You find the download link for this release on the MOA homepage:

MOA Machine Learning for Streams


The MOA Team