ADAMS – a different take on workflows

A fascinating new workflow for MOA and Weka is available. The Advanced
Data mining And Machine learning System (ADAMS) is a novel, flexible
workflow engine aimed at quickly building and maintaining real-world,
complex knowledge workflows. It is written in Java and uses Maven as
its build system. The framework was open-sourced in September 2012,
released under GPLv3.

The core of ADAMS is the workflow engine, which follows the philosophy
of less is more. Instead of letting the user place operators (or
actors in ADAMS terms) on a canvas and then manually connect inputs
and outputs, ADAMS uses a tree-like structure. This structure and the
control actors define how the data is flowing in the workflow, no
explicit connections necessary. The tree-like structure stems from the
internal object representation and the nesting of sub-actors within

The MOA team recommends ADAMS as the best workflow tool for MOA.